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Backtesting EA with 90% Modeling Quality

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Backtesting Any Expert Adviser with 90% Modeling Quality

Platform : Metatrader 4

 if you want to back test any expert adviser with 90%  quality results backtest you need only to follow four steps that i explained below and you will get the same results i get ( a 90% percent modeling quality backtest ) .

step1 : Update Platform to latest version .

if your metatrader platform is not updated till latest version open your metatrader 4 platform and connect to the internet then let it updates it self to the latest version .

then delete any account number in this platform and never connect to the internet with it again .

step2 : cleaning Metatrader 4 Platform from old historical data .

before starting to download data for Metatrader 4 platform you need to delete old data to make sure there is no conflict between old and new data .

  • open history folder in your MetaTrader 4 Installed directionit’s usually in the direction C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\history .
  • you will see one or more folders each one with a unique name .
  • open each folder and delete any files ends with .hst extension .

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 7


step3 : Download Historical Data from Metatrader Servers .

  • Open Your Metatrader 4 Platform without connecting to the internet .
  • from the toolbar choose tools —> History Center or just click F2 on the keyboard and a new window will open .

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 1


  • if you followed step2 you must not see any historical data in this window if you can see any historical data you should back to step2 .
  • click and choose any symbol you want to download historical data for from left side bar  .
  • double click on the symbol and the time frames will show up under symbol name click on chart 1 Minute then click on download button .
  • you will see the download bar starting wait until it’s finished .

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 2


  • after finish downloading all data you will see the historical data on the window .

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 3


  • now close the window by clicking Close button and open chart 1 minute for the symbol you just downloaded it’s data .

Step4 : Create All Charts Data .

  • in the Navigator Window ( left side bar ) open script files you will see script named as period_converter .
  • double click on the script to load it on the 1 minute chart for the symbol .
  • change script inputs to 5 and click ok to load the script on chart and wait until the script finish to convert data to 5 Minute chart.

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 4

  • you can make sure all data is converted when you see message records written int Terminal Experts window .

backtesting historical data metatrader 4 6

  • repeat this step to create all Time Frames by change script inputs to .

– 15 = 15 Minutes chart

– 30 = 30 Minutes chart

– 60 = 1 Hour chart

– 240 = 4 Hours chart

– 1440= Daily chart

– 10080 = Weekly chart

– 43200 = Monthly chart

after finishing to create last step close the MetaTrader 4 forex Platform and open it again and you will see all time frames data and now you can do back test any expert adviser with 90% Modeling Quality Results .

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